Why work for us

We all remember the school trips we went on as children, and the many adventures we had at home in our gardens, or in the local park or woods with friends.  At The Bushcraft Company, every member of the team wants to make school trips the very best experiences they can be. Whether it's learning how to light a campfire for the first time, building up the courage to sleep in a self-built shelter, or developing a new level of independence and resilience, we relish the moments of excitement, amazement, pride, independence and resilience that our school trips offer young people. 

Why our staff love working for us

Our staff work together, becoming part of a close-knit team, always working towards a shared goal: to make our school trips unforgettable. And we have a lot of fun! Working across several UK woodland and activity camps, from Yorkshire to Kent, our outdoor jobs are all about a love of adventure, teaching and the great outdoors!

The pride they feel in being part of an organisation that consistently receives outstanding satisfaction from school clients as a result of the contribution they have made

A great sense of camaraderie within the team

Competitive rates of pay

Flexible employment terms, on a per-camp or seasonal basis

We invest in skills-based and leadership training, as well as opportunities for extensive CPD

Staff can stay on staff camps between camps

We promote from within

Opportunities for full-time employment progression

What our staff say about us

There's no work environment like it. It challenges you, brings a smile to your face and laughter to your lips. After watching the company grow over the last few years I can honestly say that I'll look back on my time here with fond memories and encourage anyone I meet with a love of the outdoors to strongly consider working here. If not for the environment and the amazing kids, then definitely for the fantastic staff family!


It's the best place to work as someone that loves being outside in a forest. It is a way to provide children with the passion that drives us to work and play in the outdoors.


I've had an amazing summer working for the company! In no other job have I enjoyed working so much and often you forget that you're getting paid to have an awesome time. Its so rewarding to see children grow in confidence both in themselves, with their friends and in their adventurous spirit regarding the outdoors.


Knowing that at least a few of the children will leave the woods wanting to with stay longer or come back, as well as learning new skills and improving as a person.


I enjoy inspiring others in the great outdoors you get a lot of pride doing this job. It when i wake up in a forest and get to teach others how to make a fire and traps and you see their minds develop. It gives me a sense of pride also the staff I work with are probably the best I have worked with ever and you meet old and new season after season its brilliant.


It's rewarding teaching children outdoor skills and playing outdoor games. The staff and managers on my site were really kind, caring and knowledgeable. It's a great way to save up and get a break from city life.


Met some of the greatest people I've ever met in my life, The team feels less like a work force and more like a family The work itself was actually fun. I had a 5 day camp that I will genuinely never forget for the rest of my life because of how amazing it was. People are open minded and kind. Bosses don't feel like bosses (in a good way) Everyone cares about each other


I appreciate the opportunity of working in such an idyllic environment, and being able to show children the beauty of nature and how we can live in it, use it to our favour while respecting it and taking care of it. But the main reason why I have return to work for Bushcraft for three years is the people. The friendships that you make during the season are often for life. We are a big family. The closer bonds you make, the more willing you are to go the extra mile for the job.

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