Day in the life of

A sunny dawn in the middle of May and we are starting our day at camp in The Woods at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire. Cups of coffee are being passed around the freshly lit central campfire, as the team start to get ready for the day.

Breakfast is the first important task, and the camp Field Cook is in charge of making sure everyone is well-fed - students, teachers and our own team. This might involve American pancakes with maple syrup or a full English, depending on the day and the season. Either way, we pride ourselves on catering for every special dietary requirement and allergy. Whilst the Field Cook is prepping, the rest of the team is making sure the campfire is stoked, camp is tidy, and the campers are up and dressed. This is also the perfect time for the Camp Leader to brief their team of Tribe Leaders on the day ahead. Organisation is key to a successful camp, and the Camp Leader's role is to make sure that every activity and meal is delivered well, and on time. 

With breakfast served, and the students filled with much-needed energy, the day of activities begin. Whether it’s wild swimming, archery or bushcraft, every Tribe Leader will be responsible for looking after tribes of up to 16 students, as they enjoy different activities throughout the day. Ensuring everyone is actively participating is extremely important, as we want every child to experience new things and challenge themselves. There is nothing better than watching a shy or hesitant child develop a sense of confidence over the course of a week as they gradually become more involved each day.

Lunchtime means we are gathering around the central campfire again, ready for a camp favourite of pizza cooked in our wood-fired pizza oven. Every meal is freshly-prepared on-site, using our own camp recipes, and we also give students the chance to cook their own meals over open fires in our Wilderness Cookery classes.



In the afternoon, the tribes are taught some fundamental survival skills, including wilderness first aid and navigation techniques, before embarking on an exciting SOS Scenario, during which they have to rescue a team member from a crashed aeroplane in the woods, make a stretcher and carry him to safety. 

As the sun dips, our Field Cook serves spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread, and once everyone has eaten, we run a session of evening games. Every Camp Leader has their own favourite games, which might include predator, hide and seek, or rounders. Whichever game they choose, the students love this part of the day, and it's a great way for them to spend the last of their energy.

And finally, with games over, it's time for our favourite camp tradition: drinking hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories around the fire.