About Us

The Bushcraft Company is a leading outdoor education company in the UK, delivering residential school trips for students aged 7 to 18, at centres in The Woods. Each centre has been chosen for it's seclusion and natural beauty, meaning we give our students real back-to-nature experiences that are so rare in today's world of computers, tablets and games consoles. We believe in the old fashioned adventure - encouraging children and young people to use their imagination, try new things and get in touch with the natural world.

What We Do

Founded by Alex McBarnet, our core team take a huge amount of pride in delivering well-organised, educational and fun school trips, with extremely high standards of health and safety. We believe that outdoor education is an essential part of school students' learning, and we work closely with our schools to create activity programmes that meet specific learning outcomes and provide ongoing benefits for their students. 

With each camp lasting between 3 and 5 days, our school trips involve a wide range of activities and practical workshops, including fire lighting, shelter building, archery and wilderness cookery. Depending on the role, our seasonal staff will work across different centres throughout the season, from Dorset to North Wales, and will be required to teach a wide range of activites. Pastoral care is also at the centre of what we do, and Tribe Leaders in particular will be responsible for ensuring the health and wellbeing of our students at all times. It is our meticulous attention to detail, and high level of care, that sets us apart, and our staff are responsible for making our school trips successful